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katie douglas an old fashioned homestead
An Old Fashioned Homestead Katie Douglas
His Naughty Little Housewife Katie Douglas

Her Daddy and Her Master Katie Douglas
Serving the Immortals Katie Douglas
Sharing the Princess Katie Douglas

Books by Katie Douglas

Katie has now written six books, all published by Stormy Night Publications, and all six are spanking romances, but the similarities end there! Find them on Amazon by clicking on the titles below or the book covers above! She also wrote the #1 bestselling short story, The Vet and Her Puppy, which was an F/f pet-play erotica.

Sharing the Princess

Katie forays into an exciting fantasy fairytale with Sharing the Princess, her latest novel! It's a 60,000 word BDSM ménage four-way fantasy romance with plenty of spanking and ménage scenes, lots of M/f, some F/f, a spot of fem-dom, a dragon and lots of red bottoms! Find out more here!

Serving the Immortals

Serving the Immortals came out in March! It's a 46,000 words long F/f/F lesbian spanking paranormal romance goodness! This one is a three-way BDSM journey between two vampires and the human they've marked as their own. Find out more here!

Her Daddy and Her Master

Her Daddy and Her Master is an ageplay novel, and it's also Katie's first sci-fi romance! It's a scorching hot 102,000 word ménage with ageplay and master/slave dynamics between a young woman, her Daddy and her Master. Find out more here!

His Naughty Little Housewife

His Naughty Little Housewife is Katie's first ageplay novel, and it's a 44,000 word romance between a middle and her daddy, and it centers around who does the housework in a DD/lg relationship. Find out more here!

An Old Fashioned Homestead

An Old Fashioned Homestead is a 32,000 word M/f domestic discipline romance, that's themed around a modern, independent career girl falling in love with a no-nonsense, old-fashioned man. It remained in the Amazon top 100 for 2 months! Find out more here!

Mastered by The Highlanders

Mastered by the Highlanders is a 36,000 word M/f/M ménage between a Highland laird, his best friend, and the submissive young lady who falls in love with both of them. This one has a lot of BDSM scenes and it gets very steamy! It was in the Amazon top 100 in two categories for several weeks. Find out more here!

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