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This is a list of all my previous blog posts, in order of when they were posted (latest blog post is here):

Katie Douglas Reviews The Wild by K. Webster 15th August 2017

A Strapping Excerpt from Reformed By the Scotsman 9th August 2017

Reformed by the Scotsman is Out Now! 5th August 2017

A Scorching Excerpt from Reformed By the Scotsman 2nd August 2017

Awakened with the Cane 29th July 2017

It won't fit! 22nd July 2017

Captured by the Highlanders hits the Top 50! 20th July 2017

A mouth-watering excerpt from Captured by the Highlanders 11th July 2017

A sneaky preview of Captured by the Highlanders 4th July 2017

Hero Undercover Release Blitz 28th June 2017

His Little Earthling in top 100 and latest Katie D. Reads video! 23rd June 2017

Bonus Scene From His Little Earthling! 20th June 2017

Father's Day or Daddy's Day! 18th June 2017

His Little Earthling lands today! 17th June 2017

Sneak Peek: His Little Earthling is out on Saturday! 13th June 2017

A preview of His Little Earthling 6th June 2017

How to make your erotica or erotic romance advert shine! 5th June 2017

Review: Spanking books I read in May 2nd June 2017

So many changes (and latest Katie Reads video) 27th May 2017

Laila gets spanked at the zoo in Her Daddy and Her Master 23rd May 2017

How to make a Twitter advert for erotica and erotic romance authors 22nd May 2017

A Little Picnic 19th May 2017

Naming characters for your spanking BDSM romance 16th May 2017

10 Party Games for Ageplayers 12th May 2017

Erotica Words for Spanking and Anal Sex Writers in BDSM Erotic Romance 9th May 2017

Special giveaway: Her Vet and Her Puppy 4th May 2017

The main spanking scenarios for spanking erotic romance writers 2nd May 2017

Katie Reads... A Switching From Sharing the Princess 29th April 2017

10 things littles can do on long car rides 28th April 2017

Writing erotic romance: Where should the story begin? 25th April 2017

A sexy spanking extract from Sharing the Princess 21st April 2017

Sharing the Princess is out now! 15th April 2017

Exciting news! New fantasy menage out soon! 14th April 2017

Spanking Writing Prompts 8th April 2017

Katie Reads: Her Daddy and Her Master 31st March 2017

My second worst spanking of the year (so far) 25th March 2017

Serving the Immortals is out now! 18th March 2017

We are experiencing technical difficulties 12th March 2017

Katie reads...His Naughty Little Housewife 25th February 2017

I hate housework! 18th February 2017

Adult Baby Review: Thinkbaby Stainless Steel Bottle 11th February 2017

Are you as excited about the new Beauty and the Beast movie as I am? 4th February 2017

Katie Reads Mastered by the Highlanders! 28th January 2017

10 Real Life Facts About Her Daddy and Her Master 20th January 2017

A steamy excerpt from Her Daddy and Her Master 14th January 2017

Why's this blog looking different to the rest of the site? 9th January 2017

Her Daddy and Her Master Has Landed! 7th January 2017

Her Daddy and Her Master is out Saturday! 5th January 2017

Welcome to my new site! 29th December 2016

Katie Reads is now on Youtube! 26th December 2016

Christmastime and exciting news! 20th December 2016

Review: ABDL Purple Pacifier 3rd December 2016

How I met my husband 26th November 2016

These scary dating memes cracked me up 19th November 2016

Saturday Spankings: Thea gets caned 12th November 2016

His Naughty Little Housewife is Out Now! 4th November 2016

You have to see this cover for his naughty little housewife! 3rd November 2016

Coming soon: New book: His Naughty Little Housewife! 28th October 2016

Guess how much this T-rex loves this other T-rex. 22nd October 2016

10 little things I like to do on my own 16th October 2016

Bath Crayons 7th October 2016

Discretion is the better part of valor 30th September 2016

Designing and decorating my little room: Princess wallpaper 23rd September 2016

SOCKS and a little update 15th September 2016

Daddy takes the reins by Kelly Dawson 3rd September 2016

Chocolate Coconut Things With Stars 25th August 2016

When the in-laws visit 16th August 2016

A few 1950s adverts I found... interesting 7th August 2016

An old fashioned homestead in the Amazon top 100 27th July 2016

An old fashioned homestead 18th July 2016

A few of my favorite little things 14th July 2016

Mastered by the Highlanders in the Amazon Top 100 7th July 2016

My 10 favorite spanking romance tropes 28th June 2016

Surrealism in BDSM Literature 22nd June 2016

The truth behind the story: Mastered by the Highlanders 14th June 2016

Mastered by the Highlanders is out NOW! 11th June 2016

12 Things some people don't get about BDSM 8th June 2016

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